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Family Resource Center

The Los Angeles Valley College Family Resource Center (FRC) is an award-winning and unique model of a public/private partnership. It is the first Family Resource Center located on a community college campus in California. The FRC has been used as a model both throughout the state and nationally.

Since founding the FRC in 2005, Marni Roosevelt has been a national leader in the effort to support student parents in higher education. FRC services respond to research that shows when the students’ family is strong, the whole family is more successful in education and careers. Therefore, Ms. Roosevelt created the FRC with a two-generation philosophy that addresses the needs of the whole family.

The FRC grew to support other vulnerable populations such as food and housing insecure students and workforce participants going through short-term training academies at the college. With the partnership between the FRC and Workforce Training, job completion rates increased from 86% to 97%. Additionally, the FRC supports the surrounding community and is a gateway to the college.

With a shared vision of students’ family success, the LAVC Foundation supports the FRC with fiscal management, student scholarships and stipends, and grant administration. The FRC receives no categorical funding from LAVC and is entirely grant funded.

In 2007, Marni Roosevelt secured $1.5 million from a local developer, JH Snyder, to build a new facility for the FRC, located on LAVC with a presence to the surrounding community. 

In 2019, the Family Resource Center received a state budget carveout of $800,000, sponsored by Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, to expand its footprint on campus to support more at-risk students. In recognition of his efforts and support, the LAVC Foundation Family Resource Center established the Adrin Nazarian endowed scholarship for student parents.

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