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The Steinway Piano Campaign

With the construction of the Valley Academic and Cultural Center (VACC), Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) and its Department of Music announced the start of the Steinway campaign in January 2018!  LAVC worked to replace its fleet of 22 old pianos with new Steinway and Steinway-brand pianos to become the 200th among colleges, universities, and conservatories known worldwide as All-Steinway Schools.  This campaign emphasizes the College’s commitment to providing students and faculty with the best pianos possible for the study of music.

What has been accomplished?

  • LAVC has replaced its old fleet of 22 pianos with Steinway and Boston (also made by Steinway) pianos.
    • 90% or 20 of the old pianos were rated in fair to poor condition. Maintenance and repair of these pianos were very expensive because of their age.
    • 18 of the 22 pianos replaced were acquired by the college by utilizing its equipment funds.
  • The remaining four pianos were acquired by the Foundation through a special lease-to-own agreement between Steinway and the LAVC Foundation.
  • LAVC became the 200th All-Steinway School on March 17, 2018.
  • A 23rd piano, which will be a concert grand, will be purchased with Measure A Bond funds and will be housed on the main stage of the VACC once construction is complete.

What is necessary to complete the campaign?

  • Raise $340,000 to pay off the lease-to-own opportunity early, which made it possible to acquire the four remaining Steinway pianos. ACCOMPLISHED MAY 2019!
  • Raise $1 million to establish an endowment to assist with piano maintenance.

Why support the Steinway Campaign?

  • Becoming an All-Steinway School represents a commitment to musical excellence.
  • Steinway pianos are the preferred instrument of nine out of ten performing artists around the world.
  • LAVC will showcase, by teaching and performing on Steinway pianos, the finest equipment for the study of music.  In doing so,
      –  It will attract students to study music as well as stimulate faculty to be creative and potentially adopt different teaching
     –  Bring additional attention to LAVC’s Music Program and its “Pursuit of Excellence” in music education.
     –   Bring attention to the forthcoming Valley Academic and Cultural Center as a quality institution for music education and       performance in the San Fernando Valley and beyond!

Giving Opportunities
88 (Piano) Keys Donor Wall

             To be displayed at the Valley Academic & Cultural Center Lobby

  Ivory Key   $3,500
  Ebony Key    $5,000
  Three Ivory Keys $10,000

Sponsor a Piano
              A plaque (4 inches x 2 inches) to be placed on the piano

  Practice room upright  $15,000
  Studio practice grand  $25,000
  Main Stage Theater grand $40,000

To give online now, click LAVC FDN GIVE ONLINE NOW. Scroll down to Steinway Piano Campaign and enter your gift level. Or to give by check click onto STEINWAY GIVING FORM.  Print and fill out form and return to the LAVC Foundation (address is on the form).

You know you’ve changed the lives of music students,
faculty and community when you hear that beautiful note made possible by your gift.